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Laser Hair Removal St Thomas - Image 1Tired of being waxed over and over again, only to have that hair grow back again?  Tired of shaving at 7am only to have 5 o'clock shadow at noon?  With our trained technicians using the Sciton Broad Band Light, you can expect an average of 20% permanent hair reduction after every treatment.  Therefore after 4-6 treatments, you can throw your razor, expensive blades and shaving cream away.  Best of all, no more painful hot wax ripping hair out of your skin!

Laser By Jackie, locally owned and operated in St Thomas, Ontario.   We are
offering hair removal using the Sciton BBL.  If you're looking to remove that annoying facial hair, touching up your bikini line, or getting a Brazilian, we are happy to provide you with quality services with excellent results. 

Unlike the light sheer laser, the Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL), has a larger treatment area PLUS a cooling tip to reduce discomfort.

Treatments are completed with more efficiency, which translates to minimal interruption to your daily routine!